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Emirates A388 diverts to Colombo fumes in cabin area

A Emirates Airbus A388 from NZAA to YSSY then continuing onto Dubai was diverted to Colombo in Sir Lanka after fumes were reported though out the cabin areas of the aircraft. The flight had just left YSSY/SYD and was at FL35000 when the pilots had raised concerns about the smell of fumes coming into the cabin areas. The flight continued on wards and then the crew decided to divert to Colombo after more complaints had come from the passengers during the flight. I do not understand why they didn't… (www.nzherald.co.nz) Mer...

Incident: Aeromexico B787 over Atlantic on Jun 29th 2015, cargo smoke indication

An Aeromexico Boeing 787-800, registration N961AM performing flight AM-3 (dep Jun 28th) from Mexico City (Mexico) to Paris Charles de Gaulle (France) with 193 people on board, was enroute at FL370 over the Atlantic Ocean about 230nm southwest of Shannon (Ireland) when the crew reported an right aft cargo smoke indication and decided to divert to Shannon. (avherald.com) Mer...

Crash Stats Suggest Safest Seat for Air Travelers

We all have our favorite places to sit on the plane, but what's the safest? Time researchers crunched numbers on 17 accidents going back to 1980, analyzing the section and row position of the passengers. (www.newser.com) Mer...

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