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FAA Approves License for Houston Spaceport

The Houston Spaceport will be the 10th licensed commercial spaceport location in the nation. (www.khou.com) Mer...

Guy Who Lives Near Airport Painted Misleading Greeting on His Roof

Mark Gubin is an artist and photographer in Milwaukee and decades ago he realized that his studio was along the flight path to the local airport. He had the brilliant idea to paint on the roof of his studio in giant letters "Welcome To Cleveland." Why? To mess with people mostly. (www.gq.com) Mer...

Small-town airports close as higher plane costs, falling interest lead to pilot decline

Like many small cities across the country, Onawa is closing its airfield largely because of the steady decline in the number of pilots, especially in rural areas. The number of pilots with private certificates peaked at 357,000 in 1980. Since then, though, that number has nose-dived to 188,000, and hundreds of local airfields have been closing. Interest has waned as planes became much more costly. (www.startribune.com) Mer...

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