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2 more Galileo satellites launched from French Guiana spaceport for EU navigation system

KOUROU, French Guiana – A rocket fired from French Guiana has launched two Galileo satellites for the European Space Agency as the European Union continues to expand its global navigation system. Arianespace says the seventh and eighth Galileo spacecraft were placed into orbit Friday evening. (www.canadianbusiness.com) Mer...

List of aircraft accidents and incidents intentionally caused by pilots

On March 24, 2015, Germanwings flight 4U9525 crashed in France, supposedly following intentional actions by the copilot. All 150 passengers and crew were killed. The following is a list of airliner accidents and incidents assumed or rumored to have been caused by the a deliberate action of a pilot, compiled from the Aviation Safety Network files. General aviation aircraft are not included. (news.aviation-safety.net) Mer...

Facebook’s secret drone test flight in the UK

Facebook has completed the first test flight of its unmanned aircraft designed to deliver Internet to remote areas, the social network’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has revealed. (eandt.theiet.org) Mer...

Government halts enrollment of veterans in helicopter flight program

The federal government, concerned about violations that have cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars, has barred new enrollment of military veterans in an Arizona flight program and is reviewing the conduct of a second, Utah-based school. The two programs cost the government at least $40 million last year, based on enrollments and average cost data. (www.latimes.com) Mer...

American Airlines loses bid for Tokyo route

American Airlines Inc. has lost its bid to wrest away one of Delta Air Lines’ routes into Tokyo’s desirable Haneda International Airport. (www.dallasnews.com) Mer...

American Airlines banking on tighter connections

American Airlines Inc. customers may notice that Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is a lot busier Sunday. (www.dallasnews.com) Mer...

How Pilots Are Screened for Depression and Suicide

While it’s not clear exactly why Germanwings Flight 9525 crashed into a French mountainside, the black box from the cockpit raises questions about whether mental health issues were involved, and how aviation officials identify and monitor the mental health of pilots. (time.com) Mer...

How do airlines monitor the mental health of pilots?

Jon White spoke to professor of psychology and aviation mental health expert Robert Bor about how the industry monitors the health of flight crew. (www.newscientist.com) Mer...

JetBlue pilot who yelled during flight sues airline for $16M

NEW YORK (AP) — A JetBlue Airways pilot who scared passengers by yelling about Jesus and al-Qaida during a 2012 trip from New York to Las Vegas sued the airline for more than $16 million Friday, saying it jeopardized the flight by failing to recognize he was ill. (news.yahoo.com) Mer...

Frustration with U.S. airlines is soaring

It's not just you: Everyone appears to be frustrated with the U.S. airline industry. Despite the historic drop in oil prices, an important financial factor for commercial aviation, airfares haven't gone down accordingly. (www.13wmaz.com) Mer...

Thai airlines face ban on new flights amid international safety concerns

Thailand is facing bans on new international flights and increased inspections after the International Civil Aviation Organization flagged significant concerns about the country's aviation safety, officials said Friday. (mashable.com) Mer...

Airlines Across India Told Not to Allow 'Unauthorised' People Into Cockpit

An alleged incident on board a recent international flight, where a suspicious attempt to gain access to the cockpit was made, has prompted crew members of various airlines across the country have been warned to be on their guard. (www.ibtimes.co.in) Mer...

Op-Ed: Responsible Journalism and the Air Crash Du Jour

As a 20-year veteran of the A320 cockpit for a major U.S. airline, including the last 15 in the Captain’s seat, I have cringed at the utter misrepresentation of aviation facts often disseminated by news outlets and their self-proclaimed “aviation experts” endlessly paraded across the TV screen during coverage of the latest air disaster. Coverage of the tragic crash of Germanwings 9525 has been no exception. (airwaysnews.com) Mer...

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