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En Route/Scheduled to KBUR Bob Hope Airport (Burbank, CA) [KBUR]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
JBU359A320John F Kennedy Intl ()må 17:30 EDTmå 17:51 EDTmå 20:11 PDT
JBU359A320John F Kennedy Intl ()on 17:30 EDTon 20:55 PDT
JBU359A320John F Kennedy Intl ()ti 17:30 EDTti 20:05 PDT
SWA3762B733Metropolitan Oakland Intl ()må 17:45 PDTmå 17:49 PDTmå 18:41 PDT
SWA330B733McCarran Intl ()må 20:00 PDTmå 20:50 PDT
SWA8504B733Los Angeles Intl ()må 20:24 PDTmå 20:38 PDT
SWA661B733San Jose Int'l ()må 20:55 PDTmå 21:48 PDT
SWA3762B737Metropolitan Oakland Intl ()on 17:45 PDTon 18:45 PDT
SWA2597B737McCarran Intl ()on 06:20 PDTon 07:25 PDT
SWA468B737San Jose Int'l ()on 17:10 PDTon 18:10 PDT
SWA1348B737Metropolitan Oakland Intl ()må 19:25 PDTmå 20:27 PDT
SWA586B737Sacramento Intl ()on 06:35 PDTon 07:45 PDT
SWA3762B737Metropolitan Oakland Intl ()ti 17:45 PDTti 18:41 PDT
SWA419B737McCarran Intl ()må 18:15 PDTmå 19:10 PDT
SWA357B737San Jose Int'l ()on 06:50 PDTon 07:55 PDT
SWA468B737San Jose Int'l ()ti 17:10 PDTti 17:58 PDT
SWA884B737Metropolitan Oakland Intl ()ti 10:40 PDTti 11:35 PDT
SWA287B737Metropolitan Oakland Intl ()on 06:05 PDTon 07:20 PDT
SWA148B737Metropolitan Oakland Intl ()on 07:05 PDTon 08:10 PDT
SWA799B737McCarran Intl ()ti 10:55 PDTti 11:50 PDT
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