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Harness FlightAware's infrastructure to integrate live flight data in your app or website. Learn more →

FlightAware Firehose, Data Feeds, and Databases

Download, stream, and import live data feeds of worldwide ADS-B/MLAT/RADAR positions, FBO fuel prices, airport information, airlines, and more. Learn more →


Access additional features and data sources with a premium account subscription. Learn more →


Get historical or real-time aviation data for your custom needs. Learn more →

FlightAware TV

Custom, real-time FlightAware HDTV maps for your office, hangar, or FBO. Learn more →

Aircraft Operators or FBOs

FlightAware Global / Selective Unblocking

Professional, worldwide flight tracking using international data and datalink for aircraft operators. Learn more →

FBO Toolbox för flygplatsoperatörer

Get deep operational insight into current and potential customers of your FBO. Learn more →

FlightAware Europe

FlightAware extends its coverage area to Europe for all premium services, including European ATC, transponder tracking and satellite uplinks. Learn more →

Historical Data / Flygplatshistoria

Request an Excel file containing flight records for any aircraft or airport and receive history dating back to 1999. Köp nu. Få den inom en timme. Learn more →



Easily set up advertisement targeted to one or more airports. Setup an ad on FlightAware in less than five minutes. Create a new ad or upload an existing one. Learn more →

Advertising Campaigns

Run large-scale advertising campaigns on mobile apps and Reach FlightAware's audience of over three million global users with highly targeted advertising campaigns on the web, mobile apps, and aviation newsletter. Learn more →

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